During a shoot, the two things I prioritize are capturing your true self and a genuine smile. I want to make you feel comfortable and confident, and convey the atmosphere of the occasion being celebrated. Being able to capture these moments beautifully is essential: they could become memoirs you’ll want to pull out to show your grandchildren. 

          I aim to ensure your session or event feels positive and organic. I want to engage and connect with you before and during the shoot because understanding what you want is my top priority as your photographer. I'm interested in capturing details and composing intimate environments. My style is crisp and vibrant. Most of all, my desire is to make sure the shoot is unique to you and your interests.

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I am a portrait and event photographer located in Dallas, Texas. I am so blessed to say I love all the things I do. Every year I am humbled by the delightful people who allow me to document such cherished and monumental moments of their lives. 

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Art and science. Being both an artist and a scientist, I emphasize balancing vision and structure in my photography. To those who practice neither, they seem like polar opposites, one data-driven, the other driven by emotion, however both require limitless creativity and  acute attention to detail.